How to download blocked attachment from Gmail – SOLVED

You have some important file attached in an old email and when you try to download it Gmail blocks it?
Very “nice”, even the file was emailed by… me! 😀


There is one very simple way to get the file.
Open Gmail app via your smartphone (tested on Android), just search for the email and download the file. :)
You can also save it directly to Google Drive, then you can download it from there.

Default scope in Yii2

In Yii1, there was a method called defaultScope() that can add some default condition in AR and so on.
However, in Yii2 defaultScope() is not present and honestly I didn’t found 100% working example so far.
So here is how it can be implemented fully working (taking as an example soft delete behavior and we need to filter all soft-deleted records): Continue reading

How to backup and restore Hyper-V Virtual Machines for free

One of the first important parts for each virtualization solution is how to backup and restore VMs.
There are many tools out there, including the export/import of the Hyper-V Manager.
However it’s not the best way when you need to backup/restore more than 1-2 VMs and when you need little more tweaks.

Some time ago I found the Veeam products related to Hyper-V Server, especially the section with the free tools and more exactly in this case – Veeam Backup Free Edition.

Key features:

  • compressed backups
  • tasks in queue
  • getting also VM configuration
  • .. free! :)

Continue reading

Export and Import VMs on Hyper-V host using Hyper-V Manager

One of the easiest methods to backup or move virtual machine to another server is using the built in feature of Hyper-V Manager – Export and Import.

One of the essentials of this method is that it’s exporting also Checkpoints (Snapshots) and VM configuration. Many backup tools are getting only the current active Checkpoint and they simply backup only one state of the VM.

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Amazon EC2 – free for one year – is it worth it?

I found recently that Amazon gives a good “trial” for their EC2 cloud.

What’s the offer:

750hrs/mo, one year – free! Not bad.

This actually means that you can run one single instance (micro) without any charge for 12 months. Any additional instances (above 750hrs in total) or after the 12th month will be billed.
Micro instance is 1 vCore, 1g ram. Continue reading

Why you should NOT use GreenGeeks as a hosting provider

I had very bad experience with GreenGeeks lately and this continues even now.
I bought one shared hosting plan + domain and later VPS plan.
The plan was to test their VPS and eventually migrate one client project. I saw their 30 days money back so I just paid for the first month. I didn’t liked the VPS and simply requested “money back”.

Till then everything was normal… but once you request your money, they became really bad guys. Continue reading

Блокиране на рекламите в Skype

Сега някой ще каже, че и те трябва да печелят от безплатния клиент.

Да, ама ако зависеше от мен, тва софтуерно недоразумение щеше да е деинсталирано от компира доста отдавна. Но за съжаление целия свят го ползва и съм задължен на практика (заедно с Hangout и т.н.).

Та на въпроса, за да се лишите от услугите на рекламите в Скайп прозорците, следвайте тези стъпки:

Control Panel\Network and Internet\Internet Options -> Security таб-а.

После на Restricted Sites -> Sites

Добавяте този урл към блокираните сайтове:

Рестартирате Скайп – воала! No more shits.